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Not sure what your ring is ?

There are a few ways to work out your ring size:

1. Order the Multisizer ring size finder. It's really easy to use, it works like a belt. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape and read off your size.

2. Measure the inside width ( diameter ) of an existing fitting ring and look the size up on the chart below.

3. There are several ring size finder Apps, our favourite is Ring Sizer by Jason Withers.

Whichever method that you choose, the best time of day to measure your ring size is in the evening. Most people's fingers tend to be larger in the evening and slimmer in the morning. Avoid measuring your ring size on a particularly hot or cold day, as your finger size will swell when it's warm and shrink when it is cold.

If you are between two sizes, we would advice you to choose the next size up.

We haven't got your size ?

If we haven't got your size, in the ring that you've chosen, please contact us at:, we can order it for you, with a small deposit.

Are you buying a ring as a gift for someone else ?  

Enlist the help of any family or friends that have access to their jewellery collection to measure the inside diameter one of their rings and use method 2 above to work out the size.

Use some play-doh and gently press one of their rings into it and use method 2 above to work out the size.

Take one of their rings, place it on some paper and a draw a circle on the inside diameter of the ring. Then use the inside diameter to find the ring size on the chart below.

Choose an adjustable size ring, then you don't need to know their size.

Didn't get it quite right ? Don't worry, you can return the ring ( as long as the label is still attached ) for a refund or exchange ( please see the delivery and returns page for more information ).

ring size diagram.jpg
ring size chart master final.jpg
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