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Care Guide

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Jewellery is one of our most cherished accessories. We attach sentiment to some pieces, some are our go - to for instant glamour and others have that special way of making any outfit uniquely you! With a little bit of care, you can help to keep your jewellery as appealing as ever.

Mesmer jewellery is made from either sterling silver or brass ( lead and nickel free ) with either silver/gold plating or clear lacquer ( please refer to the individual product descriptions), set with cubic zirconia semi-precious or crystal gemstones.

Sterling silver and brass jewellery do need a little love and care to keep them at their best.

Both sterling silver and brass will naturally tarnish with exposure to the air, environment, perfumes, moisturisers, perspiration, house cleaning products etc. Sterling silver will turn a darkish grey-black colour and brass a green colour ( depending upon the copper content ).Tarnishing is unavoidable, it doesn't damage the metal and can be easily cleaned.

Brass has a stunning resemblance to gold yet costs a fraction of the price. Brass is known for its high tensile strength and durability. 

People with sensitive skin may opt not to wear brass jewellery as it may cause some skin discolouration or irritation. It is best to test brass jewellery before purchasing to ensure that it does not react with your skin. Simply, put it against your skin and wait to see if there is a reaction.

Our cubic zirconia stones are high quality AAA+. Cubic zirconia stones look very similar to diamonds. CZ stones are lab created and are therefore a sustainable, conflict - free and ethical choice of gemstone. Our semi-precious gemstones are natural and hand picked and carved.

We want to help you keep your jewellery looking as new and sparkly as possible. Here are a few tips on some things that you can do to keep your jewellery in great shape:

  • Take your jewellery off if you're involved in an activity which could scratch, knock or damage it, you don't want your necklace dangling around your nose during a downward dog anyway!

  • Don't bathe or swim whilst wearing your jewellery. 

  • Make accessorising the finishing touch - to avoid unnecessary contact with chemicals such as perfume, make-up and hairspray.

  • When you're not wearing your jewellery, store it in a box or case with a lid, away from sunlight, excessive heat or damp. Jewellery may look nice on jewellery stands on your dressing table however when left in the open for lengthy periods of time, it will loose its lustre.

  • Handle with care, when putting jewellery on with gemstones, never place pressure directly on the stones themselves. If rings are pushed on or bracelets pulled by their stones, the fastenings can be damaged or stones can be lost.


Many coloured gemstones have been treated to enhance their appearance. Using the jewellery dips or liquid jewellery cleaners can react negatively with some jewellery and damage the gemstones and can wear down the surface of silver over time.

Some people suggest using toothpaste, as a mild abrasive, however if used incorrectly the surface of the gemstone and / or metal can be scratched and so we advice against it.


Therefore the best way to keep your jewellery sparkling, is to use warm water ( not hot or boiling ), a couple of drops of washing up liquid and a soft toothbrush. Be careful not to brush too hard, a gemstone may appear tough however they can be susceptible to heat and inclusions within gemstones can weaken their structure if aggressively cleaned. Rinse with warm water to remove any soap residue and dry gently with a lint free cloth ( never use use kitchen paper as this will scratch your jewellery) or leave on a cloth to air dry.

For brass jewellery, some jewellers recommend using ketchup to remove any green tinges as the tomato ingredient aids in removing tarnish build up. 

​Cubic zirconia care

Cubic zirconia can get dirty faster than real diamonds since it is not as hard, and may need to be cleaned more often. As with any jewellery, it is a good idea to wear cubic zirconia stones with caution and take them off when cleaning, bathing, gardening and laundry.

Chemicals and soaps will leave a residue on these stones, causing them to become dull quickly. Follow the above cleaning guide to clean your cubic zirconia jewellery. When cleaning around the stone/s take care not to loosen or disturb the setting.

Semi-precious gemstone care

Follow the same care guide for cubic zirconia however take care not to leave semi-precious stones soaking whilst you clean, for too long. Some semi-precious gemstones are a little sensitive and may loose their shine if left for too long.

When cleaning jewellery with any type of gemstone, it's a good idea to clean them in a bowl so that any stones that come out can be found and you won't need to start fishing around in the u-bend of the kitchen sink.

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